Jason Brownell is the President of Bruce Brownell, Inc., Bruce was a visionary and pioneer in land development and building in Loudoun County. Jason worked under the tutelage of his father from the age of 12 until his father’s passing.

He is a hands-on custom builder, involved in local land development and co owner of the Adams Mill building. He spent 18 months in The Lower 9th ward of New Orleans building for the poorest and leading volunteers in reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Jason recently completed a home for a wounded American hero, Tony Porta in conjunction with Fuog Interbuild and Tunnels to Towers.

Jason is a graduate of Loudoun County High School and holds a BS from the University of South Carolina with majors in Business Administration and Real Estate. He resides in Western Loudoun, has two kids, is an avid golfer and enjoys tennis, woodworking, local history and preservation. Jason’s family has been in the Loudoun Valley for more than 260 years.