Donate to HeroHomes – Building Homes for Disabled Veterans

When you donate to HeroHomes, you’re helping us continue our mission to build homes for deserving veterans and their families, right here in our community. Unlike other veterans charities, 100% of your gift goes to construction, land acquisition or pure operational costs. HeroHomes is managed by an all-volunteer board. All labor is performed by individual volunteers or build partners. There is no more direct way to make a life-changing impact on a local veteran.

HeroHomes works with established veteran support organizations to identify and place deserving and injured veterans into our homes, we offer a number of program options:

  • Veteran-purchased home
  • Veteran-purchased with a portion subsidized
  • Fully donated homes
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Prefer to Donate by Check? – Please mail your check to
HeroHomes Donations, 125 Hirst Rd, Suite 3C, Purcellville, VA 20132

Please Consider a Monthly Recurring Donation

Note that the donation form includes an option to make your donation an automatic monthly recurring donation. We appreciate every donation, no matter the amount. However, recurring donations are extremely valuable to us because they provide a predictable baseline of revenue making it easier to plan and be more efficient. Small recurring gifts make HeroHomes less dependent on large fundraising events and keep us focused on the mission every single day.

HeroHomes is a 501(c)3 not for profit foundation established to build houses for those who have fought for the preservation of freedom and democracy for others. These deserving vets and their families cannot regain what they lost defending our country, but we can give them a new start in building a solid foundation for their future and the dignity of an independent life in a wonderful small town community setting. We provide the opportunity for disabled veterans to rejoin society with the security and pride of home ownership.