Building Homes for Disabled Veterans and Their Families

Staff Sergeant Jarrad Davenport

Hero Home #2 – Davenport Home

Round Hill, VA
Completed: December 2017

HeroHomes second project is set on a 5-acre lot in the town of Round Hill, Virginia.  We expect to begin construction in early 2017.  The recipient for this home is Staff Sergeant Jarrad Davenport.  In June of 2011, Jarrad was wounded during an IRAM rocket attack at an outpost in Iraq.

HeroHomes Loudoun | Davenport
HeroHomes Loudoun | Davenport family

Jarrad started is military career in the Navy.  At 17 he enlisted in the United States Navy and completed Basic Training in San Diego.  He soon volunteered for Submarine Duty and was a plank owner of the USS Kentucky SSBN 737 Gold crew.  After completing his first enlistment, he transferred to the US Army Reserves.  He is a graduate of the Army Finance School where he was awarded the Military Occupational Skill 36B Finance.

He is a graduate of the Warrior Leadership Course where he was a Platoon Sergeant.  Jarrad has a wealth of experience in Finance and volunteered to deploy with 2/376th Financial Combat Support Unit in Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn.  During his deployment he volunteered to spearhead the mobile finance for the Detachment.  On June 2011, Jarrad received injuries sustained from multiple IRAM Rocket attacks at an outpost in Iraq.  He continued on with his mission and was transferred to Baghdad.  Jarrad is currently recovering from his injuries at Walter Reed National Military Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Jarrad is married to Latoya Davenport and has three sons.  His future plans include receiving a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Colorado Technical University.  His awards include commencement speaker for PenFed’s 1st Executive Internship Program, nominated to the delegation for the International Scholar Laureate Program, graduating with his bachelors in accounting summa cum laude, and in 2013 was nominated as Adult Learner of the Year for Colorado Technical University.